Making sure you don't get led astrayWhen it comes to buying a new home, did you know you could have your very own “Seasoned” New home experienced Realtor by your side?

The “trick” is having that person with you the very first time you sign anything at a new home center or new home builder community. 

This applies to an interest form. Being placed on an update list to get the new discounts on the new homes that are coming available. Anything that you are placing your name on with an email address.  “Anything!”

Someone that is only on your side, making sure all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed?

More importantly, making sure you know “everything” via “disclosure” about the New Home you are going to be buying?

Plus, it costs you nothing.

In addition, you will not sacrifice any of the “new home builder benefits” that you are going to get by way of incentives from the new home builder.

Maybe we were able to get you extra money in the way of upgrades. It could be that we were instrumental in getting the new home builder to pay your closing costs. There are many areas that my new housing team focuses on when it comes to approaching and negotiating with the new housing builders.

The bottom line, is keeping you protected and informed throughout the process of buying a new home, the same as if you were buying a re-sale home.

Be safe – I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia.

I’m proud to be of service!