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I remember this caller well, even with the multitude of calls my team and I handle on a daily basis – this lady was really kind and inquisitive.

I love sharing information about real estate and the local market.  It’s not about making money, it is more about helping people.  If you help enough people get what they want, you will have what you want.  (paraphrase from Zig Ziglar).

Review of Santa Clarita Realtors Paris911 5 Star on Yelp: 02/14/2012

I called Paris911 and spoke with Connor MacIvor.  I was not buying or selling a home, I simply needed some help and information.

Mr. MacIvor was warm, gracious and knowledgeable, and immediately helpful.  He not only offered suggestions, but he asked for my telephone number and said he would also research my question and call me back.

Within minutes he called back – he called me back !! with a name and number, which turned out to be exactly what I needed and I was able to obtain the information I was initially seeking.

Mr. MacIvor simply took the time to help a stranger on the phone.   I’m a homeowner in Florida, but if I ever move to California, I know who I’m calling.

In the mean time, I will refer anyone I meet to Connor MacIvor and Paris911, if they needs to purchase a home in his area.   Thank you Mr. MacIvor, you made my day!
JRJ in Orlando, Florida

-Judith J. Orlando Florida