Santa Clarita agents reviewsGo ahead, if you dare, google Best or Top Real Estate agents followed by any city.

At the top of the search engine, you will find those Lead Gen companies that are all about selling your personal information to the “agents” who are willing to pay for it!

“Real Estate Reviews” – “Find Top Agents” – “Best Real Estate Representation” – “Realtor reviews…”

They are all over the pay per click ads.

Who should you trust and do the review websites have the “referral” corner all locked up?

I used to be more “trusting” when it came to the review websites. I used to Yelp Those that I was considering hiring to employ.

However, after time and after we observed what “reviews” were being shown and as Yelp states, “Filtered”, my “Cop(spidey) Sense” started to tingle.

In our case, we have a majority of our Yelp Reviews in the filtered area on Yelp. You won’t find it easily, it’s denoted by a light gray line below the reviews that Yelp choose to place on our first page.

Paris911 Yelp

When on our Yelp Page for our Paris911 team, if you scroll down below the reviews, you will see this “tiny and obscure” little link. This is also a video posted by Yelp giving their version of the justification as to why these reviews are not considered valid.

Hey, I get it, it’s their review platform, they can do what they want 🙂

Then I find out on some of the “review sites”, because they call us to advertise, you can actually pay for higher placement and to have more reviews show up!

Today, I’m not a fan. I like to find out for myself. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character.

I am pretty good at sizing people up.  If I wanted to review anyone, I’d ask that person for some referrals of people they served and then I’d call them up personally.

If you are in business and if you are established, you will have those who can be called to verify you are good at what you do.

Take it from me, when you are about to purchase a High Ticket item like a home, you need to verify whom you are about to hitch your trailer to!