What do you think about Car Salesmen? Is your view the same as most of the world with them one step above “whale blubber”.  I say that with me knowing the world view of Real Estate agents is not much better, if it is better at all.Mercedes Benz of Santa Clarita

Paris and I have been to many different dealerships and have dealt with many different sales people.  There is one however, that we have had a relationship with since 2007 – KAZ at Mercedes Benz of Valencia.

I like used cars.  That is what I like to buy and drive.  To me it makes sense.  LOL – Paris is not as I am (opposites attract) But, as you know people are different – so if you like New – that is your preference and we can still be buddies 🙂  If I were in the market for a car – new or used – Mercedes Brand or Not – KAZ would be my first stop.

Today on our SCV Moves Business Radio Show, I talked with KAZ about his background and how he got into the career of Selling Cars. He was very forthright and honest about the “why” and his view of his industry.

He also talked a little about misleading “publication and internet ads” that are posted in reference to Cars being offered for sale and those that are apparently “too good to be true”.

  • Is there any benefit to buying on labor day or any other holiday weekend?
  • What about Buying on a Rainy Day?
  • How about buying when a new shipment just arrived or towards the end of the month or year?
  • How much “flex” room does the dealership have between sticker price and actual price?

KAZ layed to rest some of those belief’s that I was raised with – Have a listen and if you are thinking of trading in, or buying any car, regardless of the model – you want to give KAZ a call at 818-968-1720.  Befriend on Facebook!!!

Kaz Foroutan