Just off of the wire, “Mental Curtains may cause health problems…” – If you are asking what wire, that would be the REMAX Relocation and Paris911 Team wire 🙂

Recently, we had a nice couple in our offices with their son. They are in the process of interviewing agents. During the interview, I was Off market Santa Clarita real estate and foreclosuresasked if I watched any of those HGTV Real Estate shows. I commented that I rarely watch TV, but when I do it is not those shows, but I do understand the concept.

He smiled, “I’m addicted”, he said. “I watch those shows every time I have a chance, but do you know what I don’t want in a real estate agent?”

I wasn’t sure where he going with that question, so I said, “An agent that gains 10 pounds when on TV?” – He laughed, I thought to myself, “Whew”.

He Said, “No, those agents that try to get their clients to hang mental curtains…” I told him I was intrigued and to please explain more. So he did…

“Connor, when I watch those shows, most of the agents seem to be playing the manipulation game. They are about selling homes by using clever psychological tricks. When I view a home, I don’t want my agent to sell it to me, I want them to give me the truth.”

I said, “Like walking into a home, when the agent is playing captain Obvious only with the positive points and not pointing out any negatives?” He gave me the affirmative Nod.

I said, “you are not going whether I am that type of agent until we start looking, but if I may share a story. BTW, this one is true 🙂 When Paris was showing a couple a few days ago, she walked into a home with them, that overpowering smell of “wet, damp, and mold” hit her nostrils, she stated, Absolutely NOT!!!” “There are more problems with this home than meet the eye, we are out of here…” – “The reason this scenario sticks in my mind is because the Husbands Father called me after the incident.

I am not sure what he was going to say, I was prepared for anything. He was ecstatic. This was the message he left, “Connor and Paris, I am so impressed at what lengths you are going to with protecting Tom and Tanya. I have my doubts about real estate agents, but you truly shined in the light of being commission based sales people. I will be contacting you shortly to assist me with my real estate investing desires – Thank You…”

So, as the Real Estate world turns, it pays to not be what most expect of agents. That High Pressure crap is something most people won’t tolerate, however it is being used by most agents, go figure.