The City of Santa Clarita is patrolled and protected by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Amongst all of the residences you also have a huge amount of Fire Department and Police Department personnel living amongst the non-oath taker community.  So we have a pretty substantial residency that does not encourage predatory “capering”.

The newest move by the Local Law Enforcement Entity is the purchase and putting into service of two T3 Series Motion three wheel electric vehicles – Check these out and if you are a frequenter of the Paseo’s or other non-street trails where you bike, ride or walk – you might have a chance to greet a deputy on one of these “Green Machines”.

Oh, they happen to go 25mph – so the out running thing might be out of the question, unless you are Carl Lewis – and that would only be for a short time and a couple of miles per hour short.

LASD – Looking for Real Estate – look no further, use our new Diverse Solutions Google Map interface at

Thanks for keeping us safe and thinking about the environment.