Santa Clarita realtors

We have done our sold Saturdays – but because of my Birthday, the Santa Clarita Realtor Team had to stand down.  Or at least I had to stand down.

The rest of our Paris911 Team was showing properties and hold open houses, as they are today.

The Paris911 Team presents our Audio Only Podcast on youTubeTop real estate data

It’s nice to slip back into the groove when it comes to giving the intel about the real estate listings that have sold in the past 7 days within the Santa Clarita CA Cities.

Tomorrow, Monday – we will have our real estate market updates to share with all of you related to each of the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Market Update resources – click here.

The data should support the fact the homes in our Valley are still increasing in price, but at a much slower pace as compared with the time between 2012 and 2013.

We should see that more inventory has hit the local Santa Clarita real estate market for sale, but those real estate listings are not enough to switch us from being a sellers real estate market in the SCV to a buyers market.

YouTube Videos

In closing, you should see our YouTube channel – over 1100 videos uploaded. Most are help type videos related to real estate.

If you want to sell, you are going to find our playlist for your info.

If you want to buy a home, you will find that playlist as well.

We look forward to being of further assistance and hope to speak with you soon.

Santa Clarita Realty Recap: (7 days)

28 of 69 real estate listings were price reductions from their listing prices.

27 of the 69 real estate listings that sold in the past 7 days had their prices increased.

The rest of the Santa Clarita real estate listings that sold during the past 7 days sold at their listing price.