After a Short Sale or ForeclosureIf you have had a short sale or foreclosure, and if you are a cop. Or related to a cop in Southern Calfornia, you may not have to wait very long.

Most of the loan programs state anywhere from 2 to 7 years after a short sale or foreclosure.

However, the LAPFCU, credit union – the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit union, states it could be one day after a short sale or foreclosure.

That is because they are member dependent and not FICO dependent.

They are also a Boutique Mortgage Lender!

They look at the credit score, but also rely much on the specific member and the way they have been progressing during the time of their hardship.

If they have let other bills go, they may not be a good candidate.  If they have kept up with everything else, and only the short sale or foreclosure was delinquent, they may be good to go.

Here is a Youtube Video that has been put together after a meeting with the staff at the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union, the LAPFCU. The head lender gave a select group of realtors the intel today at a early Monday Monday Breakfast.

I was glad to have been a part of the LAPFCU, When can I buy again, Short Sale and Foreclosure meeting.

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