About 70 Days for the City of Valencia CA – Single Family Homes. As of September 29, 2014.

Top Valencia CA real estate agents are going to be watching the Days on market Timeframes for the residential real estate they sell.

Valencia CA real estate agentsThe market reports that are reflective on this graph show that it is taking longer to sell Valencia CA single family homes.

The pea green line is the 90 day timeframe and the red line is the 7 day timeframe.

We have seen this trend continue since just after the “summer rush” in Valencia CA real estate.

Parents jockeying for position, selling to move up to be in the “right” school district.

Selling to downsize, where the “school district” is still very important. Even the first time real estate buyer had been active during the middle of the summer while school was out of session.

Remember back in November 2013? A real estate seller of a Single Family Home in Valencia CA could not keep their home on the market for long.

Those sellers, that hired the right marketing and advertising Realtors, had offers within hours written for full price on the homes they were having us sell.

It was awesome, however, the buyers of the world did not feel the same way.

The Valencia CA home buyer was feeling rushed, stressed and not at all comfortable with the prospect they’d have to compete with several other buyers for a single home.

While we are still deep in a sellers real estate market in Valencia, we are showing some of the tell tale signs of that “relaxing” with the longer Days on Market time frames.

Simply, it’s taking longer to sell a Valencia CA Single Family Home.