avoid foreclosure Lockouts?  There comes a time when a Homeowner, for some very sensitive reason, is unable to pay their mortgage.  After some time has passes – If you work with the banks, you are asked to attend a Lockout.

As a prior full time Police Officer and a Current Reserve – I have been present and actively involved in the service of Search Warrants – This is not much different.

But instead of the occupants being supposedly involved in some type of Crime Related Activity – They have failed to pay the bank.  Which in some Circles is a HUGE Crime.

Whatever your position, and I have heard both ends of the spectrum, there comes a time when the bank is going to relieve a now previous owner, their right to occupy a home that has gone to Foreclosure.

While present I have encountered quite a few different scenarios.  For the most part the occupant is no longer in the residence, besides what you hear and watch on TV – the process is not without a large amount of notice.

Men in suits don’t come in the middle of the night with “flash bangs” uprooting you and your family – kids screaming and parents in sad and angry states. 

It is planned, posted and the homeowner is actually “served” in person so there is no misunderstanding about the process and there is an answer to the question of “when”.

I will be in Val Verde this AM – Early for this Lockout – I checked the home yesterday to make sure of it’s status.  It would appear this is going to be one of those rare circumstances where the occupants will be at home when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s, The locksmith and I arrive.

I suppose in Law Enforcement you can get a bit calloused after time – Same goes for Real Estate – But I would hope I will always have a Heavy Heart for those that have issues in life that create the circumstances for Foreclosure and Eviction.

My BEST!!!