Local real estate agents, during our networking meetings in the Santa, have been talking about their buyer's Woe's. What is causing their buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities – major heartache?

Santa Clarita foreclosures

They also have asked our Paris911 Team what we think about the developing price increases in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Paris911.com/prices

I tell them to read our Santa Clarita real estate market updates postings and articles about each of the Santa Clarita Valley cities – obtainable by going to paris911.com/marketupdates

I then give them my “spin” on the local real estate market. The only thing that is going to relax prices in the SCV cities is addition of new real estate inventory. paris911.com/howisthemarket

There is potential coming from the banks with their REO inventory, if they were to stop selling the majority of them at bulk sale to investors.

We then have the investors that are going to put those same Bulk Sale Bought homes on the market for sale – but they are doing it slow and at 1-3% above fair market value.

The short sales – most of those folks are sitting, waiting for more time to elapse before calling our real estate team to help them with their short sale. Most likely later in the spring through mid summer. paris911.com/shortsales

Standard Sale Sellers – they are waiting for prices to climb further. The other issue with those sellers is most are wanting to buy as well – but there is no inventory 🙂

Be Safe – thanks for reading and let us know when you are ready to move!!!