Santa Clarita housing market newsWith all of the buzz with regard to the local housing markets, there is a lot of “bad intel” that is coming along with some of the sources of real estate data.

When we work within real estate and have to answer our clients questions directly about the state of the market, the last thing I want to provide is bad data.

I want everyone that has questions about the local markets to trust that what we are saying is true.  In fact, that is why we use the sources we do when it comes to real estate data provided on our Santa Clarita real estate market sites.

Today we have been watching the Santa Clarita real estate market.  The housing data has been downloaded and upload to our Santa Clarita real estate data tables, for our clients and those interested in keeping on the razors edge as it relates to the best real estate data.

We have seen the listing prices being flat in most of the Santa Clarita valley cities.  However, with a couple of exceptions, most of the cities are lacking moveable inventory.

The Santa Clarita housing market reports only 511 active listings as of the time I posted this data. Truly active means there are no offers submitted or approved by the real estate buyers and sellers.

There is also another status reference to our market and that is “backup”. Those are real estate listings that have had an “approved” and signed off offer that had been presented to the real estate seller by a real estate buyer.

Those properties, for all intensive purposes, are still available for showing and the sellers are wanting to receive additional offers on them as well.

For more intel as to what “backup” exactly means – click here.

The last thing the sellers want is to have their home fall out of escrow.  The back up system is in place, to have another offer they can move into pole position, if the original offer and original buyers fail to perform.

Unfortunately, some of the agents that are representing sellers are leaving some of those listings in “back up” position to find other buyers for other real estate listings.

Because, on some of the real estate syndication websites, back up listings are showing as active on the market for sale.

Currently the back up listings are totaling 228 for the Santa Clarita valley cities.

Here is the latest Santa Clarita housing market reports for the SCV cities. We hope they serve you well and, as always, you can get your own Santa Clarita CA market reports by heading to the Top Real Estate website and by typing in the word “reports” into the MacBoX at top of the screen.