I am not a SEO guy.  I have utilized their services (SEO) in the recent past and have been as pleased as I would have liked.  However, my dissapointment might be misplaced, it does not seem that they can compete with the power of a consistent – on topic blogger. 

Even more so if that blogger has the correct and most powerful platform from which to blog.

Over 1.5 years ago – I happened upon Active Rain, signed up, and started blogging – to the point that I am the Featured Real Estate Agent in Valencia California.

Then shortly thereafter, onto Chris and Kristen at Kinetic Knowledge Blogs and to bring you up to speed, I spoke with both, Chris and Kristen, over the telephone, without having too much exposure on the World Wide Web with regard to Blogging – it was still quite a new concept at that time – to me at least.  The reason for my drawn out explanation has to do with my prior life profession – Police Officer.  Loved it and especially the people that I was able to help during those 17 years and the Men and Women, from many Police/Sheriff/Fire Department/Federal agencies, that I had the pleasure of getting to know and working along side with.

Remaining a Reserve, due to my cutting of the cord 3 years before a vested retirement, I wanted people to know where my “love” remained.  Back in the 1990’s I became a licensed Realtor.  But Part-timing it was not to anyone’s advantage, especially our clients or soon to be ones.  Paris jumped in when I did, back in the day, and this blossomed into a career and love of her life.  So with me in the background and Paris running up front – life was good.

The Old-Style advertising, the in person on a handshake, way is not neglected to this day – there is nothing quite like being in front of someone and being able to look into their eyes and utilize all of your senses to see if they are someone you can trust or not. 

However, I knew very little about helping myself out on the Internet and what was the best way to make an impact.  Plus during those times not that many people were searching via Computer – Yellow Pages and Printed articles were very powerful – including mailings of post cards, newsletters, and other “Self-love” activities involving Ink and Quality Stock – all very UN-Green!

After my resignation, I found Kinetic Knowledge, I called and spoke with Chris who took over 1 hour explaining the “way it works” to me.  He was patient and did a very good job at opening up my mind (It was a difficult process because I was used to looking at things in my past life only a few different ways and they usually were able to be solved with only one avenue of application – force.)

But now, things were different – I started writing – rough at first – you can in fact see some my first entries – loaded with spelling and grammatical errors.  But that is my foundation – and that is what makes me.  I did not pay for content or for someone to build my web blogging presence.  I wanted to do it on a consistent basis and, with the help of GOD, I have been able to perform very well in the realm of consistency.

I opened up a new platform a few days ago – It was naked and without any content.  I wanted to speak about our Relocation Services that Paris and I provide at RE/MAX.  So I did a search on “REMAX Relocation” in Google and even with the posts that I had mentioned it in before, nothing.

I wrote two posts – within 48 hours I am the top of page two in Google when running the keywords REMAX Relocation.  On target, Consistent, Focused blogging, does pay off.  That was only 2 posts!!!  You can imagine how hard we are hitting in the other parts of the Internet with our other, on topic and consistent blogs…

Content is not redundant – there is always something to write about, wrap your mind around, and somewhere you can play it forward.  I love to help businesses grow on a local level – I have this iBlog911 platform where I write about things I see and how I feel about them.  I reserve the Real Estate commentary to a couple of our other Blog Platforms. 

This works for me – the question is always asked when I attend training or some Real Estate Related Function, “I understand blogging efforts pay off – but I don’t know what I will write about…”  Anything and everything I tell them, one day really soon, you will find your niche and explode.

I have written about Kinetic Knowledge in the past and probably will in the future – when something works, I am not your typical (rich and wealthy miser – one that keeps the good to themselves so the competition does not get it), I am about assistance and as long as I have, locked in my mind, some of my “past life experiences where I saw some horribly accelerated things happen to people close to me and to complete strangers – I am good with my “way””. 

Helping is what I do and that, in my opinion, is why the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia is running hard even in this Sullen Real Estate market.