There are quite a few opinions as to why it's taking longer to sell Santa Clarita real estate and homes. Some are saying that buyers have slowed down because homes and real estate prices have become too expensive.

We are seeing those circumstances occuring, however – not all real estate buyers are allowing that to stop them from viewing real estate listings and thereby make moves.

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The interesting thing is that real estate buyers are not all offering full price. The word on the street is real estate has been “on sale” for the past several months and the asking price is not the last price.

This is not true when it comes to real estate listings that are priced at Fair market value. The FMV is the “sweet spot” in a flat real estate market.

There is buyer interest on the real estate listings and homes that are for sale, but that interest is inhibited by the lack of good real estate intel as far as real estate “offering” prices are concerned.

We have just finished and compiled our Santa Clarita real estate updates and housing market reports at our Top Santa Clarita Realtor blog.

Enjoy the write up and the Slideshare presentations referencing the Single Family Housing Market and the Condo/townhome real estate markets as well.

You will notice that we included a few cities that are outside of the Santa Clarita Valley homes and estates for sale areas.

Sylmar, Granada Hills, Northridge and Porter Ranch are all included due to our frequently working with real estate clients within those cities.

Let my Team and I know when you are ready to roll with regard to real estate and your procurement or sales needs when it comes to Residential Real Estate.

If you want to know what Your Santa Clarita home is worth, we have that intel.