Our Santa Clarita REMAX Paris911 Team market updates, that's what.

In fact, we just completed our latest YouTube update for the Santa Clarita Valley cities that will be sent to those that have joined our conversation at the Top Website for Santa Clarita real estate at Paris911.com

Contained in this update you will find some talk about the lacking foreclosure inventory. We also addressed the Good Neighbor Program where cops, firemen, deputies, highway patrol officers, and teachers can buy a home at a 50% discount. HudAlerts.com

We partially broke into interest rates with some opinions of where they could be headed. I will tell you, if they don't calm down, we may be in for trouble.

Searching for Foreclosures, Short Sales, pre foreclosures and real estate are always fun topics that I like to discuss. One of the things I cannot stand is someone being mislead into giving up their personal and private information when it comes to searching for homes, real estate, condo's and town-homes.

Searches from the best of the best, at a local level, should be unlocked. They should have a clear instruction as to the benefits of registration to search and how to bet the latest listings emailed to the client who is searching.

However, to set up a person to sell their personal and private information, like some of the Large Real estate syndication websites do, that is criminal.

Be safe – search well and enjoy our latest update video that we posted up on YouTube.

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