My Dad used to always say, “Son, I hate surprises…”  You too probably don’t like surprises too much – especially those that are bad 🙂

Well, neither do Paris or I.  We have several different meetings we have with our Real Estate clientele, depending on what they want to do real estate-wise.

With each of our differently formatted and confidential meetings, we discuss what our Experience has demonstrated.  We also talk about what things have been and will be of help to our clients.  We answer all questions and explore every conceivable option.

Do you want to know what our exclusive clients say is the most important part of any of our presentations?  

  • It is the “surprise – preparation” we give our clients.  
  • It is the “real estate scenarios”.  
  • It is the “what if” part.  
  • The “Could Happen”, 
  • “is likely to happen”, 
  • or “this happened this last week to a client…”  

This part of our presentation has proven invaluable and is a perfect fit for this and all real estate markets.

Surprises….  I can do without them too 🙂