During the time since 1998, I have been a “data guy”. Watching the local market and watching the various real estate trends for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Paris911.com/reports

Santa Clarita real estate market

This includes close monitoring of the Santa Clarita Days on Market real estate trends. How long is it taking for homes to be marketed before they are experiencing price changes? How long are the homes taking to get into escrow and that status is being chose by those realtors? Are they entering escrow where the agents and sellers are unsure of buyer performance (back up status), or are they going straight into pending.

Variables such as these are important to addressing the question, we get often from our Santa Clarita real estate buyers and sellers – “How is the Santa Clarita real estate market doing this week…”

We also use our Radio show platform for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities to get into the rest of the real estate data and have a seven day a week format.

You can view all our current weekly episodes of our SCV Real Estate radio show by heading to our Main Website Page at Paris911.com

Listen to our Sold Saturdays broadcast. We discussed the current inventory and why it is that some properties are not selling for their original listing price.

We assigned blame to the agents that are “dialing up sellers”, with their pitch due to them knowing they are in competition with the “ethical real estate agent.”

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen the real estate market increase with reference to the active listings that are on the market for sale.

Not just only the single family residence numbers – but also the condo and townhomes are being listed for sale at a higher pace.

Make sure you see all of the new listings at the moment they enter the market for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the Rest of Southern California by signing up for our Santa Clarita and Southern California real estate alerts system: Paris911.com/alerts

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