In order to do our clients justice, our real estate clients, we have to look at the other local real estate markets.

In the case of our latest YouTube Video, we have the Santa Clarita Valley as part of Los Angeles County. We are one of the many cities in LA county and have done the workup, as far as housing values, as follows.

Single Family Homes in all of the Cities within the County of Los Angeles.

We did not restrict any price ranges.

We did the research that went back covering a two year period of real estate activity in Los Angeles County for Single Family Residences.

What we observed is the Santa Clarita Valley Cities is currently getting more real estate listings and those listings are selling, but at a much slower pace than the overall view of Los Angeles County real estate reveals.

Also, our buyers are pulling back a bit compared with the overall view of Los Angeles County single family homes and real estate are reporting.

“our buyers” meaning the buyers involved in the Santa Clarita Valley real estate transactions and escrows, with all of the local Real Estate Teams and Brokerages.

We also see an inordinate amount of homes, condos and townhomes that are entering the market again, after being in escrow for a short time.

This “adding inventory” trend will do a great job at moving the current sellers real estate market into a buyers real estate market, stay tuned.

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These Santa Clarita real estate listings are referred to as BOM – Back on Market listings. Those not making it through until closing, but falling out before they closed and completed escrow.