Before I start – I am just a regular guy.  Apparently Regular Guys and Girls are who work at CopyBlogger!!! I just signed up for their Premise application for WordPress. What does it do?  The question should be, “What doesn’t it do…”Writing for your Business Success!

If you are a Business Owner wanting to get your name into the world and attract more “qualified” clients to your business, Premise is something you really need to think about.

Every Day I expand my mind – I am constantly learning, practicing, applying and repeating.  I listen to CopyBlogger on my iPhone.  I have it downloaded from my iTunes app store when my phone updates.  It is by subscription and FREE.

Others in the Real estate industry ask me how we are maintaining page 1 results for Santa Clarita Real Estate related keywords and who does our seo. I do – with the help and advice of Copyblogger amongst all of the other podcasts and audio books I listen to. They also are flaberghasted when I am so forthright with what we are doing to maintain our Google Rankings.  In a competitive industry, as real estate is, I tell them, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.” – My Hope is to get good, non-selfish, content on the internet so that Buyers and Sellers can make good decisions about who they want to work with.

I will not be a good fit for everyone – but there is no way of knowing who I will “fit” with unless then get a glimpse of who I am and what I stand for.

Writing good and valuable content on the internet via WordPress is our silver bullet.  It assists with the dissimenation of “value” not noise.  CopyBlogger is all about that and I am writing this post without expectation or desire from anything from CopyBlogger.

Get on WordPress and start writing about your business, service or product.  Show the ways in which it gives Value to your Clients and or customers. Talk about the “data” with relation to your industry.  Listen to Copyblogger – read their blog – subscribe to Copybloggers emails and you just might get CC’d with a response from the guy and gal that talk on their show and own their Service 🙂 – As did I…

Here is my 10  minute work with Premise – plus a word from Copyblogger on how to insert a carriage return in the title – Thank You for that!!!