Best Valencia CA Real Estate reviewsThanks for the chance to talk about what happened to me when I wanted to buy my second home.

I am from Florida, natively, and I was searching online for real estate agents in Valencia where my sister lives.

I do a lot of traveling and thought it would be best to be close to my sister when visiting so I can stay in my own place (6 months out of the year), while I’m there.

Locally, I found a real estate agent at Re/max called Paris911, after I made sure they were in Valencia, I called them.

I spoke with Paris, she seemed nice enough and told her I was going to be in town within the next few weeks, we set an appointment to meet.

I met with Paris on April 12, 2014 in her office. She explained the real estate process and brought me up to speed with something called a “crash course”.

After we wrote several contracts on homes, we had one accepted. The process continued and it was time to sign loan documents. Paris was by my side and after she saw some of the fee’s that were different than promised, the stopped and called the mortgage person.

To make a story shorter, they gave me new loan documents to sign within a couple of days and those were correct.

I’m just glad I had Paris on my side…

Kristen Fuentes – Valencia