I hope you appreciate the “pun”. Discount – Foreclosures – Bank Owned??? Ok, I’ll stop now. However, to the topic at hand – if you are considering relocating from one city to another – you may want to have the Foreclosure Data Ran. You will also want your REMAX Relocation specialist run the potential real estate with mortgages that have been defaulted on.

By Doing this, you will be able to get a better grasp of the local real estate market in the city which you are going. In fact, you may also hook up with an agent that offers a One Party Show. Something we are able to do for our clients, to secure real estate listings for specific Paris911 Clients, when they are starting to become distressed and when they are not yet listed for sale.

Besides the Foreclosures, which are all of the properties that have concluded the Foreclosure Process within the Courts. Bank owned real estate or Real Estate Owned are both another target rich environment for the person considering Relocation.

With the Bank Owned Real Estate or Real Estate owned, make sure your Relocation Agent has a system where they can view those properties that fit within that category – but are not listed on the market for sale. We have a system to do just that for our Relocation Clients within the Southern California Area, Check the Foreclosure Radar Resource – click here.

Both of these “ways to relocate” and the Relocation Tips will assist you in getting with you want. Also, inquire with your Relocation Specialist, as to whether or not they can time the close to be better lined up with your specific moving time frame.

Final Word when choosing a Moving company. We are not a moving company. We are Santa Clarita REMAX Real Estate agents – known as the Paris911 Team. We have seen the result of those relocating being tricked by clever marketing on the behalf of Moving Companies.

However, there are a lot of companies that look like moving companies on-line. When you do a search – most of the page 1 organic results for “Moving Companies” are all lead generation systems. The Moving Companies, because they are not investing the time with Writing their Own content or answering common moving questions, pay for these leads(your personal information). Be careful with that and let us know if you want us to hunt you a REAL Moving Company.