Selling a New Home Clients resale residenceRepresenting buyers at the new home communities throughout the Santa Clarita Valley cities and in the other areas of the Greater Los Angeles areas includes us “showing off” some of our Listing and Sales prowess.

We have to be experts in the field of listing residential real estate to effectively represent our new housing clients in Santa Clarita Areas and within the other Southern California New home builder sites.

There are certain New Home Builders that will not allow for contingent deals on their homes. Contingent means that a prospective buyer has a home to sell and they need to sell “said” home before they are able to purchase a new construction home.

These “deals” are typically able to close at the same time. Of course you are going to need an experienced New Home Agent that represents Sellers of Real estate also. The new home agents do not list re-sale homes, for those approaching the new home builders, also needing to sell a home, in the SCV cities or in Southern California.

Listing resale real estate and homes goes beyond the agreement they, the new home agents hired by the builder, have with the new home builder who is employing them as their New Home representative.

However, with the new home builders, they acknowledge the “right” for a new home buyer to have their very own real estate agent watching out for them. This “acknowledgement for separate representation” comes at no cost to the new home real estate buyer.

There are ways in which we are effective in assisting our new home clients with the sale of their home and making the approach to the new home builder to have our clients New Home Offer accepted.

In some cases, it’s easy. In other cases it takes a lot of effort to keep the new home builder on the same page with our new home buyer, aka, “real estate seller”.

We have to give the new home agent weekly updates on the progress with regard to the New Home Clients home we are selling.

We keep the new home builder in touch so they don’t disavow our real estate buyer, even if their listing becomes a bit “shaky” during the escrow process.

Buying a new home is possible if you have a home to sell. Reach out to my New Home Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita when you are ready for us to cover the details with you.

Please don’t forget to ask about our NHBB – New Home Buyer Benefit and how it will impact your bottom line!