Hey Connor, Best service stamp

I just wanted to tell you that I could not be more impressed with your company.
The patience and understanding in which yourself and Lisa have conducted our business has been incredible. You both have gone above and beyond my expectations.
Lisa has been especially patient and diligent working with me. I am definitely a handful at times, and she has been wonderful day and night. I really just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you have done and that you have a great person working for you in Lisa.
We have yet to finalize a purchase, but I know it will happen in time, and I’m confident moving forward with her. I look forward to passing along the good word of Paris911.
Thank you for your time.
John K.
My Response:
Brother John, 
First Things First – I am completely honored at your assessment of my team.  Paris and I are blessed with hard working agents that have a deep code.
I can tell you that I am constantly interviewing the “like minded”, but they are rare as I know you know, in sales.
You are a Blessing to our Team, and we are so glad you are happy at this point, and we promise to keep the ball moving toward your goal.
Thanks so much for your kind words my Friend…