First – everyone that we conduct real estate representation for is special.Santa Clarita relocation team

And I don’t mean the “demeaning” way of inferring “special”.

They came to us to have a task completed for them and they deserve the Top Santa Clarita Resources and Team to do so!

When we start the real estate search for our REMAX of Santa Clarita Clients we ask some of the following preliminary questions.

  • Have you bought a home before?

  • What cities are you interested in?

  • What are the minimum numbers of bedrooms you desire?

  • Did you happen to have a minimum square footage in mind?

  • What about Condos or Townhomes, besides Single Family Homes?

  • Who will be living in the home with you?

  • Where do you foresee yourself and those you are bringing along with you spending most of their time in the home? Specifically – living room, family room, kitchen etc?

From these simple questions my REMAX of Santa Clarita team is able deduce a lot about a person and their situation.

One of the follow up questions has to do with school aged children and the comfort zone as it relates to prices and price range.

After we gather the necessary information, we want to know what way our clients wish to have as their primary contact method.

We have noticed that a lot of those that are working directly with us are exceptionally “tech savvy”. They know their way around the World Wide Web and are not afraid to text me with updates and questions.

Some of our real estate clients want the phone call for advising when we find properties that suit their needs and to set up showings.

And others, want us to send them the new real estate listings via email.

All in all, it does not matter for me. I love speaking to our real estate clients on the phone, via email and on text.

Bottom line – We serve real estate to our real estate clients as they want it served. Some want it HOT – some cold and some just right 🙂