Find out what your Santa Clarita home is worthIf you are looking for a simple answer – that would be “Hire our SCVnest Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita!”

Something more “fulfilling”, contains the following information related to Selling a Santa Clarita Home.

First, you will need us to get you what your home is currently worth at today’s present real estate market value.

Is the market in distress? Are there more than 10 active listings in your neighborhood that stack up like yours? Do you have a property that has been neglected and not updated? What is your urgency in selling? Are you going to be buying a home and need the present sale to be contingent on that?

These are great questions that we ask each of our Santa Clarita real estate sellers. We start that process with getting you what your Santa Clarita home is worth.

This is how that happens. We need your address. We then delve into the online systems that we have access to, looking at the square footage as per the county records. We then look at any prior listings, maybe the one that had been publicized when you bought your home. We look at the archived photos and then stack that up and compare it with the Intel you provide us which pertains to any changes, upgrades, renovations, add-ons or updates.

Anyone can give you what Zillow says your home is worth. However, that does not take into account the ‘buyer drive’ and the data per the Board of Realtors historical data and present market status.

That is where we get into the value like an appraiser would. We want to only take into account the data appraisers look at per the current guidelines. There are very few people buying with 100% cash, but even those people are going to want to make sure the home they are buying is “worth it”.

What is your Santa Clarita home worth
Here are just a few of the many components that we use to determine your Santa Clarita Home Value!

  • 180 days of market activity.

  • Less than a .5 mile radius.

  • Same Tract Match is best.

  • Apples to Apples.

  • Buyer Drive activity.

  • DOM – Days on Market time frames for similar properties.

  • Functional obsolescence.

  • Primary financing type.

  • Special Grant and Local Programs taken into account.

  • Pay off amounts and capital gains explored and applied.

There is a lot that we take into account when it comes to showing a Santa Clarita Valley home owner what their home is worth.

Anyone can go to one of the online portals, but to do the job right of getting you what your Santa Clarita home is worth, that takes an expert. Someone that sells a lot of real estate and can protect you from issues, that can potentially arise, when it comes to selling real estate.

The next step after we determine a Value is to look at the local Santa Clarita real estate market trends. Is the market on an incline or declining. We take the value we determined and look at that home at the “average” days on market estimate.

If it’s taking, for example, 90 days to sell homes that compare with your Santa Clarita home, we base our listing price at that 90 day in the future estimate of value.

This way you are ensured your home will sell and for top dollar with our “branded” advertising and marketing approach to selling Santa Clarita residential real estate.

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During the process – there are other, very important, items that we pay strict attention to as well. We want each of the buyers stepping to the plate with offers presented in written form to double app with a top Real Estate lender we trust.

This is a necessary step in the Santa Clarita home sales process because the last thing you want is someone wanting to buy your home that was not “qualified” correctly to do so. This wastes time and cause unnecessary delays in the Home Sales goals that we have prepared with you.

During our “in your home” meeting, we will cover more aspects of how we maintain our position as Top Sellers of Santa Clarita homes and real estate. Contact me ASAP to meet about Selling your Santa Clarita Home and I promise to take great care of you!