Today's question comes from Martha Z. – She is in the process of buying a new home in Saugus CA. These are the homes that include solar power off of Plum Canyon.

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She wanted to know how she can negotiate upgrades at the present time. I wanted to know how far along she was and she said that they are about to start construction on the home.

She also informed me that they had signed with the New Home Builders Lender and they had also given their deposit on the property.

Their only reason for cancellation, where they'd get back their deposit, is if something tragic happened that would prohibit them from obtaining a loan.

I explained to Martha that it was too late, unless the builder made/makes a mistake. Potentially, having to do with something that creates a hardship for the buyer. It would have to be something that they(the buyer) could prove in court(it probably would not get that far), they would then use the “issue” as opening the negotiations again reference to the new home.

They may provide some “bargaining” power – you have heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease? This would be one of those circumstances. Bottom line, they'd want to help someone that may have a propensity to spread the “negative” word about the builder or the builder's real estate agent representative.

Martha Z. had gone to the new home builder tract in Santa Clarita CA, without her own representation. It could have helped up front, because seasoned new home reps make it a point to negotiate upgrades and bonuses up front with the new home builder's agent.

In fact, it would be even better if your new home rep had actually worked at the new home tracts in the past. They would know the players, the lingo and have insider intel.

“Self promotional plug – tune out if you don't want to go there…) – We hired our last two buyers agents because they had both worked at the new home tracts and for new home builders in the South Land.

It works and our clients are better off. The only trick to being able to use the Paris911 New Home Rep from REMAX of Santa Clarita is to make sure they are there with you the very first time you visit the tract. – shoot us an email and we will have one of our new home agent representatives contact you asap!

You will not be given more bonuses, money back, or discounts if you use the Builders Agent.

The commission is paid off of the builders net profit – not out of the buyers pocket!!!

So, since it's free – what do you have to lose? It's nice having a shark in your corner when dealing with another shark, yes? Have a nice day and be safe…