It did not happen by chance, I wanted to hire someone that had the ins/outs/connections with the New Home Builders in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

remax new housing agents

What Paris and I did is we started to look around at the New Home Centers and the New Building Sites in the SCV and there was one particular agent that seemed to be better known amongst the New Home Agents than any other.

We noticed that she was no longer working with the new housing sites, but was a free agent working with another local real estate agent.

The agent was not making full and proper use of her talents and connections.

She joined the Paris911 Team late in 2012. Paris and I were so elated and are glad to have her as a part of our Santa Clarita real estate team.

Today, this particular buyers agent for the Paris911 team has brought all of our team members up to speed as to how to best represent real estate clients that want to buy new homes.

Just like in real estate resale, selling homes that are not new, there are many things to be considered and the more experienced and knowledgeable your Realtor is, the better off you will be.

The same applies to new homes and new home builders. The new home builders have their sales agents, licensed realtors, representing them. You need someone on your side to represent your best interests.

However, I will not stop there. You just don't need a realtor that has been successful in the real estate re-sale circles. You need and want someone, a Realtor, that knows the insides and out of new housing, not just by experience but by serving in the role as a New Home Builder Realtor.

Be safe – search well and let the Paris911 team know when you are ready to go a New Home Tour in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

You will start with one of our New Valencia CA home representatives at our offices at REMAX of Valencia.

You will then be taken on a tour of all of the new home cites, not matter what builder, look at the model homes and look at the available listings.

They will also show you lots and other areas that are going to be built out in the upcoming phases.

The other “great” thing about our Paris911 Team of New Home Agents is the fact they get the intel when one of those homes falls out of escrow or when the buyer cancels.

That is one of the advantages of having the insight of our agents and our agents keeping track of every new builder tract without being builder specific.