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We have built a 4 part video series that will speak about how to buy a home in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere at under Fair Market Value.  You will see me explain the different “for sale” home types and what their specific “ownership” will mean to you as a “savvy real estate buyer”.

Tips, Tricks and Real Estate common senseSome in the real estate world would have you think that, with all of those buying real estate in today’s climate,  there are not very many good deals.  I know that is not the case.  And you don’t have to watch late night TV and those “Real Estate making millions” commercials to do so.

There are specific ways to approach the different “sellers” of the world – that equates to a “win-win” for everyone concerned.

There are a couple of different ways to get the 4 part video series on how to buy a Santa Clarita Home at Under Market Value.

  • You can send an email to and request the 4 part video series.
  • You can also head to our Real Estate by Video Subscription link.  Here, you will not only get the 4 videos, but you will get future Real Estate Video’s overflowing with Tips, Tricks and Real Estate How-To!
BTW – you subscribing to our Real Estate Videos does not commit you in any way to our Paris911 REMAX Real Estate Team.  We do this to assist with the education of the public at large that is not conducting business as real estate sales people.
We think that it is every private citizens right to know what they are dealing with when buying or selling a home.  And as they say, “Knowing is 1/2 the battle…”