The best way to buy real estate

One of the top questions that my team gets from those wanting to purchase real estate is how much they should offer?

Real Estate is business, not emotional

First things first, we need to educate our real estate clients that this is a business decision, and should not be handled emotionally.
Real Estate sales history should not exceed 6 months

We then need to look at the current sales and those that have sold in the past six months.

Don't compare homes that are too far away

There is no need to look at real estate and properties that have sold over 1 mile away, unless comparables are not available any closer.

How are the bedrooms layed out

The searches for comparable properties should encompass the same amounts of bedrooms.

Are the bathrooms upgraded and remodeled

The same goes for Bathrooms – the bathroom splits need to be taken note of.

When comparing real estate it must be apples to apples

If you are having your realtor evaluate a Single Family Home, make sure they are not comparing it with a condo or a town-home.  There is a big difference.

Be careful of the online estimations of value

Don’t get caught in the trap of asking a Mega Syndication Website the Question of what a home is worth…  Use only local real estate websites that have agents who are experts in the field of listing and selling homes.

Make sure the value is coming from a certified source

Eventually this will occur. When you have an accepted offer, the bank who is loaning you the money is going to want to send out a person that is going to make sure the property you are buying is worth it.

Only use the BEST real estate search systems

Again with the Real Estate syndication websites. Use a local MLS based search engine so you don’t get caught up in the filth regarding sites that are going to sell your personal and private information to real estate agents.

Never guess when it comes to real estate

Buessing has no place in real estate, where you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. – Don’t Guess!

Never go beyond what you can afford

It’s important to always have your line in the sand. The number you will not exceed no matter what. Establish yours and don’t bend…

Make your offer the best it can be

It does not hurt to let the sellers know a little about you and your (family) – if you have one. Let them know some of the things that may influence them into choosing your offer over others that maybe on the table. In real estate, it’s mostly – but not always, about the money.

Only work with professional realtors

Experts, BEST, Top Realtors, etc. Make sure you are working with those that are going to be there for you if and when things go south. Be safe – We are the REMAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team of Realtors.

We are the Paris911 Team of Realtors