Not a loaded question in the least. In fact, most of the world considers having a computer tell them the answer to the question of “How much should I sell my Valencia California home for…”

How do you find your right priceWe see this because after we have met with a prospective Valencia CA home seller and tell them what their home is worth, it goes one of two ways.

Either the online estimate of value for their Valencia CA home was way too high. In some cases I have seen it being $150,000.00 too high.

And in some cases the online estimate of value for their Valencia residence was way too low. In some cases I have seen this “low amount” being $200,000.00 too low.

The best way in which to have your Valencia Home’s Value rendered is to hire someone that has a proven track record of listing and selling real estate in Valencia CA. The last thing you want to do is rely on a computer program to tell you what something as “dynamic” as real estate is worth.

Plus, the online estimates of value for Valencia CA residential real estate are primarily used for lead generation purposes, by the companies that built them.

Agents will pay a lot for your personal information and to find out that you may be contemplating selling a Valencia Home. That is why some of those computer programs estimating the value of real estate were developed in the first place.

When you are ready and when you want to get the answer to the question of “What is my Valencia CA home worth…” Head over to our Valencia Values real estate website.

That is the portal you will use, unless you want to call me on the phone :), to get me on the case of searching for your home’s specific value from the actual Sold Real Estate data.

We call it a Comparable Market Analysis or CMA and we do them several times a day for new Real estate clients at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

Be safe – Search well and let my Paris911 Team of Realtors know when you are ready for our assistance with your Valencia CA real estate.