That, my friends, is a trade secret of the Paris911 Team

However, I will let you in on a little secret. With regard to any new housing in the Santa Clarita Valley or in the rest of Southern California, we have agents experienced in representing those clients that want to Buy New Homes.

We are only local Santa Clarita Valley realtors

New Housing Experts:

We hired them. We hired our last two Santa Clarita real estate buyers agents with histories that had them working for various builders at the New Home Centers in and around Southern California and within the Santa Clarita Valley.

Insider Knowledge:

One of the things that we mandate is that our Buyers agents are up to speed on all issues and circumstances that can be of benefit to a real estate buyer or do a real estate buyer harm.

With buying a home, a new home or a used home, it is important you are working with a trusted advisor in real estate. That trusted advisor may be someone you found on-line, someone a friend referred you to, or a Realtor your family has used in the past.

No matter the nexus of the agent you are working with, make sure they pack the gear to serve your real estate needs. Have a sit down with them in their offices and find out if their “why” makes sense. If it makes sense – go with them and let them do their 'magic'.

If it does not sit well with you, and if you are feeling pressured and sold too – then dump them and get on the box, doing your own local Santa Clarita real estate research.

Try these keyword phrases:

  • local Santa Clarita real estate agents
  • best Santa Clarita realtors
  • top real estate agents in Santa Clarita
  • remax of valencia top agents

That should do you well and be a great start for your real estate hunt.

Be safe – Search well and let The Paris911 Team at REMAX know when you are ready to obtain our help with your real estate needs.

Also – don't forget, it will be necessary that we meet face to face so you can attend our Crash Course on Real Estate. Let us know, my BEST.