Great Question by one of our Santa Clarita real estate blog subscribers.

Randy wanted to know if there was a resource that is located online that would give someone what a property is worth, but where they would not have a computer program or algorithm do it.

The system that Randy is referring to is and it is a “hands on” real estate valuation system that is maintained by Listing Agents with the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA.

This system does not rely on a computer program or a sophisticated algorithm to put together what homes, condos or townhomes are worth.

That should be done by the local Real Estate Experts. Those local Realtors that list and successfully sell real estate and properties in and around the city of your interest.

Here is a link to one of our Google Photos sharing the Santa Clarita Home Values resource.

When a person wants to find out what a home is worth, there is no better option than to have someone that makes a business out of selling real estate do it for them.

The other nice thing is you can bet that those Realtor’s Comparative market analysis (CMA), is going to be deadly accurate.

They know the local Santa Clarita real estate and housing market. They know what buyers in any current market are expecting to find and how those specific residences measure up to the current real estate buyer’s standards.

One of the things we always tell our clients is our Pricing Strategy is not a “shot in the dark” system. It is carefully prepared in an “apples to apples” type fashion. Just as an appraiser of real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley would.