Giving you what you rhome is worth, to really do it right, takes about 1-1.5 hours of research by me.

real estate creekside area

Of course, you can use a computer program or Algorithym to inquire. When you do you will find out they are all about “lead generation” for those willing to pay for it.

Otherwise – Be careful who you give up who you are to.

Best Trusted resource is going to be a “boots on the ground” real estate agent that is productive and works full time in your local city or neighborhood.

They will only need a couple of pieces of information. First, they are going to need your address.

They may also need to know if you have changed, updated, rennovated, added on or upgraded the property you want the Current Fair Market Value on.

That information could be key to you being to sell your home for more money than those which are being compared to it.

They will also need a way to deliver you the information.

Email may be best. Just make sure they are not going to add you to some spammy email list.

Hwoever, that is also going to depend if you want to tie up with the agent in email correspondence or via telephone.

Most of you that are looking for how much your home is worth, are not interested in speaking or communicating with a realtor.

You want what you asked for and if you are impressed by the person(realtor) giving it to you, you won't forget them in the future when people ask or when you are ready to hire someone in the real estate profession to represent you.

We had some fun today and created a page called On this page you will see it's our real estate website.

It has yours truly front and center on a video talking about the latest tool we built to assist those who live in the Creekside Area to get what their Creekside in Valenccia CA is currently worth.