There are particular methods to determing a properties value. That includes those home located in Valencia CA and Elsewhere in the world.

One of the things that my REMAX of Valencia CA Tean prides ourselves on is the ability to give the best in pricing and property evaluations.

The reason why we know we do a more “thorough” job in the pricing real estate is due to the fact we have been trained.

Valencia REMAX Realtors and Realty

It is not about “training in the trenches”, but training in a proctor-student enviornment.

A person can go on line all day long, and find websites that will give you a computer generated estimate of what your home is worth.

Any Valencia CA homeowner will also be able to input their property address and have the computer algorithm spit out what they think your home, condo or townhome is worth.

“They” – lead generation systems, aka the real estate syndication websites, are about “tricking” you into giving up who you are so they can sell your personal and private information to the agents willing to pay for it.

Back to our training – We received certifications for being Foreclosure Experts and also from Citi Bank, in the valuation, pricing, marketing and sales of their REO inventory.

Literally Hundreds of hours of training went into honing and developing our Property Valuation skills.

That, plus the hard work, trial, error, blood, sweat, tears, and our development between 1998 and the present time.

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Contact my REMAX of Valencia CA Team. You can also check us out on Google Plus for REMAX of Valencia CA. I'm Connor and I'm glad to be of service.