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One of those questions that may be loaded in nature.

How  much is my home worth

This is because everyone is trying to re-sell your personal and private information.

I'm Referring to those real estate websites that tell you what your home is worth or what your home is estimated to be worth using a computer program or computer Algorithm.

You can find them everywhere online.

You may have been searching for property values. Then while you are searching for something completely different, you are going to see a banner ad on the site and e tempted to click on it.

It is shortly thereafter, when the website will hit you up for who you are and your contact information.

There is another, a better, system for real estate valuation. This is our system. I have to be arrogant, because I know how this is not a system where a computer program crunches “man made” numbers.

Numbers that could have been placed “on purpose” in order to influence a buying or selling decision. That “on purpose” statement eludes to the numbers being made up.

No one wants to deal with someone that is “making stuff up”.

We are locals, we are experts in the valuation of Santa Clarita real estate.

When you are ready, contact me directly, I'm with REMAX of Santa Clarita and operate a top producing real estate team.

We are always ready to help you and look forward to being contacted by you when you are ready.

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