What is your real estate agent talking about when they are first meeting with you and yours in their offices?

real estate game plan

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Maybe they are telling you how much real estate they own or their net worth?  (yuck)

Maybe they are “telling” you what you should be doing, and the things you are doing wrong? (yuckier)

Maybe they are educating you on the process of real estate and on the things to watch out for to keep safe when making one of the largest investments or selling one of the largest investments of your life? (Spot On)

Truly, it’s important to know that the agent you are dealing with is successful and good at what they do. But I think, minus the mercedes and living in a 5 million dollar home, maybe you can make up  your own mind?

Maybe you can use your life experience to gauge what they are about and if you can trust them by what they say and how they act?

I think so, in fact, that is why I do all of the video and audio presentations that I do. With over 1000 videos produced, you see the real me. Even if I were able to hide some sinister plot, that would eventually come out in the videos and radio shows.