The question is something that we get regularly asked by other agents that we train and those within our networking groups. Not that they don’t know the answer, I think they want to know why we spend so much time talking and reconning it for our websites and our clients.

Keeping track of the Santa Clarita newsThat is probably the more “important” question from their point of view. However, while that is great, the person that should always be kept in the proper focus is the real estate client.

We do the daily news for Santa Clarita real estate, not for other real estate agents, or to get them to ask us questions as to why, but because our real estate clients need this information.

It is needed so someone can make the best decisions about one of the largest investments of their lives. The real estate they are selling or buying.  This is a big deal as seen in the news during the recent past.

With the falling of the real estate market back in late 2006 and early 2007 – with that dropping the Santa Clarita cities real estate values over 40% – this is something that should be watched and attended to on an almost daily basis.

It is something that should have increased your “wanting to know” about how the local real estate markets are doing with regard to the real estate and how homes are selling therein.

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Be safe – Search well and thanks for watching, reading and sharing.