This has been along time coming.  With a multitude of people in the world thinking about investing in Real Estate and purchasing their first home, Foreclosures are all the BUZZ. 

But, how does an offer on a Foreclosure property get accepted?  What are the rules if any?  Who is accountable for the presentation, submitting and processing of the offer?

These Video’s, both part 1 and part 2, will address the way in which Foreclosures and Bank Owned Real Estate perform.  With very few fail-safe mechanisms and accountability measures concerning the banks, you can feel as if you have been left out in the elements without food and without “proper representation”. 

Take heed, you have not.  If you are represented, be loyal throughout the process of securing a Foreclosure Home.  It is rarely the fault of your Real Estate agent – it is the “overwhelmed” banks that delay and are wanting top dollar.  Sometimes, it feels like the banks don’t care when our clients write solid offers.  I know there are many different levels of caring and when there are higher and better offers submitted.  The banks often don’t counter.  Don’t take it personally, it is not you or your agent, it is the “banks bottom line”.

This should shed some light if you have been writing offers on Foreclosure properties in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond.

                   Buying and Writing Part 1                                     Buying and Writing Part 2

Foreclosures can be tricky, their negotiation can be like balancing an egg on your nose.  You need to be working with an expert.  Even better if your representative has also completed these REO, Real Estate Owned, Transactions directly representing the Banks as the Seller.  The inside games can be explained and you will come out unharmed.