BEST Home Estimates of ValueIf you are living in the Greater Los Angeles areas, or within the Santa Clarita Valley cities, where we are headquartered, you have probably run into some of our “online” real estate help and assistance postings.

We strive to write articles and complete “simple yet informative” videos that help the neophyte and expert alike.

We have been approached by a “educational resource site” that wants us to produce “help videos” regarding real estate.

Apparently, we are doing something right by not “leaning heavy” on the self promotion within our blog postings and news articles. As Joe Friday said, “Just the Facts Ma’am…”

From my LAPD background, that’s how I like to get my information when I have hired someone to perform a service for me. I don’t like to be lead around the proverbial oak tree or around the bushes.

Here is a video that we did recently that talks about writing a less than asking price offer on a home that is for sale, and that you want.

There is a method to our madness and the “main method” is letting the seller know that we aren’t crazy and to get our buyers offer presented in the best “light” possible.

No one wants to take less than they are asking. If they could get what they wanted, they would be totally happy.

However, in the ways and dealings within the real estate channels, this is not always the case. When a buyer wants to write a less than asking price offer on a home, they need to back it up with “facts” and make sure their “intentions” match.

Comparables, recently sold properties that are like the home they are writing the offer on, this is extremely helpful to a real estate seller looking over an offer. It maybe that their agent did not convey to them the “truth” about what their home was worth. BTW, If you want to get the “truth” about what your Santa Clarita or Greater LA home is worth