An Edge in sales as to do with being able to remain sharp, on the cutting edge and being able to slice through the B.S.

Junk comes in all shapes and sizes.  You might be high on the search engines and get calls from “sweat shop” internet companies that promise you the world for a small fee of $49.95 a month.

When you edge is sharp you quickly realize that they are approaching you by wanting to take complete advantage. They are hoping that you are “unlearned” and “dull”.

I have often thought how much I would pay for someone like me.  That cost is almost unfathomable.  I would not be able to afford someone who had as much passion about Real Estate as do I.

You probably have wondered what it would cost you to hire someone who has your same passion.  That cost to you, “priceless”.  There is only one “you”.  If you take 30 minutes a day away from some “waste of time” activities and re-focus it on writing about your business, craft or service, you will soon see that you are starting to rise above the crowd.

The simple truth is that Google, Bing, and Yahoo loves content.  Fresh words that convey value to those that are seeking someone who is in your business.  “Giving Value First” is the key to any successful on-line presence.

Give it a shot – let those out there know you have kept your edge and that you are keeping up with the times.  Open Your Facebook and be creative.  Don’t sell yourself or your business.  Get known as someone who does not copy other’s posts or quote others from the past. Be Different.  Be a Friend.  People love that.

I have not heard it said better, Jeffrey Gitomer said in one of his recent books, “All things being equal, people would rather do business with friends…  All things being not so equal, people would still rather do business with friends…”

Get out there and make some!!!