A very simple question, yet it’s composed of many parts, at least to answer correctly. Local Experts in Santa Clarita Areas know the market

How do I buy Santa Clarita real estate?

1. Make sure you are working with a real estate agent that lives and sells homes in the Santa Clarita Valley.

2. Find out if your agent is versed in selling, as well as representing buyers in the Santa Clarita Areas. – This is important because those who do both are going to be better versed as to the Intricacies in best representing you.

3. Ensure your real estate agent knows the “right” vendors in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

  • a. the right mortgage lenders
  • b. the best in the escrow capacity
  • c. title insurance experts
  • d. pest control representatives
  • e. certified home inspectors

4. When it comes to buying a home, make sure the agent you are choosing brings you into their offices, sits you down and develops a game plan with you and yours.

This Real Estate game plan should include several parts.

Discuss the types of real estate lenders that are within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Find out which maybe more beneficial to work with and why.

Questions to ask real estate lenders should be covered so you get the very best deal when it comes to obtaining a real estate loan.

Tip:  When you are buying a home you don’t pay the Realtor you hired to represent you. Your Chosen Realtor gets paid by the real estate seller, even if that seller is represented by their own agent. In fact, having your own Realtor is how we like it and how our clients feel better protected in the real estate procurement process.