short sale sign Several times a week, the inquires about how to Search for Foreclosures that have not been released, get to my desk.  I call back for each inquiry and direct the caller to our Paris911 home page.  I have proudly displayed the Foreclosure Radar widget just below the Property Search map.

I have also placed the Foreclosure Radar Resource on this page of our Santa Clarita Foreclosure blog.  It works very well and will give you the necessary intel about proposed Foreclosures, Notice of Default filings in your neighborhood, auctions, amongst other distressed property types.

A Foreclosure Search is not as hard as it might seem.  The are indeed good values in any real estate market.  In a healthy market, REO’s and Foreclosures do exist – but only at about 1% of properties for sale.

In a Distressed Market that 1% climbs quite high.  This service that is provided by REMAX of Santa Clarita and The Paris911 Team works for finding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures in all of Southern California.

Don’t forget to give Feedback – it is extremely important we keep our Clients Extremely happy with our Real Estate Services.


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