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There is a better way to search.  Most of our new clients come into our offices frustrated at the very first meeting.

They have been searching on-line and finally came upon us.  However, before that event, they were using a lot of the internet real estate syndication websites to search for homes.

In some cases, they inquired about a property that was apparently for sale, according to the website.  When they did, within minutes their phone was ringing off of the hook and their email was blowing up.

In addition to that, most of the listings were not even for sale. They were poised on those websites to get those searching to give up who they are so their information could be sold to multiple Realtors.

It still goes on day in and day out.  Just make sure you are searching for real estate from a local source and not somewhere that has unverified data.

Be safe – check out our MLS search engine and I think you will be super happy.