Buying a new Santa Clarita HomeNew homes – we have all of the major new home builders that you may come to expect to find in a thriving Los Angeles Suburb of a quarter of a million people.  Which is Santa Clarita California.

We have KB, Lennar, Beazer, S and S, The New Home company and others. They all pay us to represent our real estate clients when buying new homes.

One of the things we like is having your own “proponent” the one that is on your side and is getting compensated to represent you and you alone.

No ties with the new home builder. If you don’t buy the new home, then you will buy a resale home, either way your “very own Realtor” is going to get compensated, and not by you – but by the new home builder, which is why you should always hire your own!!!

To have your own real estate agent, it does not cost you a dime and in doing so.  You don’t give up any advantage to get additional discounts, upgrades, or incentives when buying a new home!

We had some of our clients recently ask us if they needed to hire a home inspector at a new home they had purchased.

I said, absolutely yes and made my point this way. When it comes to buying a new home, you are going to get a warranty. There will also be a “discovery” period where you are able to call the foreman or the builder and state any issues you discover after you move in.

However, some of those “issues” may leave you needing to hire legal counsel in order to get what is coming to you. That takes time, money and mess!

Why not avoid all of that and get “your own inspector” to inspect the new home. At a recent home inspection at a new home, one of our local inspectors found 56 items which were amiss.

Some of those “issues” could have created issues when it came to energizing the water lines with activating the water to the home. There was also an issue with a valve, and the way it was “installed incorrectly” with regard to the close washer connection point.

That would have resulted in a whole house flood.

So, considering going it alone when buying a new Santa Clarita home?  I wouldn’t and we are FREE for you to use when buying a new Santa Clarita or Greater Los Angeles area home. Call us and we will represent you.

Also, we will insist that you hire a local home inspector before you move in for your own safety and security.  I’m Connor with RE/MAX, We love representing our clients at the New Home and New builder construction sites.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and text or call me. You can also sign up for a new home tour. 661.400.1720