A Real Live program offered by the Government’s Housing and Urban Development.

As a Teacher, Law Enforcement Officer or Deputy, Fire Fighter or Emergency Medical Technician – you can get a home for 50% off of the current market value. – I can get you further information and contact you with specifics if you desire.

There are rules on the HUD website and I have placed them here.

Good Neighbor Next Door Program listings

When you go to the page that asks if you want to leave the HUD site – choose “Go to the directed page” and continue to the Property management company that is assigned these properties by HUD.

**Important – About 1/2 way down you will see this:

Good Neighbor Next Door

Government – Non Profits – Hurricane Evacuees – Officers – Teachers – Firefighters – Emergency Medical Technicians

OND/TND/FND/END/Hurricane Evacuees/Non Profits

Lottery Results

Government Sales – $1 Homes Listing

Not all properties that are advertised on the site are Good Next Door Qualifying – so please make sure you are looking at the right list.

If you are outside of California – I can find you a HUD approved Agent.

Enjoy these RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Resources by The Paris911 Team.