The BEST Santa Clarita real estate teams stand outWe have tons of reviews on Yelp for our Santa Clarita real estate business, most are under the filtered category, and almost all are 5 stars.

We are blessed to have had some wonderful clients, and when there was a perceived “hiccup”, we have been able to give our position on the criticism received.

We have also been Blessed to have our local Santa Clarita real estate business on the First page of Yelp!

Here is Steve and Lori’s review of our Paris911 Team at REMAX.  They were a stellar couple, and we were happy they trusted us with something as sensitive and as important as selling a home.

“We had a list of agents to interview as we prepared to sell our home.  Conner & Paris happened to fit on our calendar first.  We spent 30 minutes with Conner and cancelled the rest of our interviews and have never looked back!

The reasons to do business with the Paris911 team:

1) High integrity, straight-forward business style…..they treat you as if you were family and look out for your best interest constantly.  Communication and followup were never an issue, and I actually had to hustle to keep up with them!

2)  Their experience allows them to provide solid advice and guidance…..Conner is so good that he gives market reports on the internet at a level that adds value for everyone in the buying/selling process,  including other agents!!!!

3) They have a high-quality team of employees and related business partners that are top notch…..all of them are “best-in-class” and actually exceeded our expectations throughout our transaction.

4)  Conner & Paris play at a level that allows them to have direct, personal relationships with the large banks, escrow companies, and all of the related service providers that they need to leverage.

What sold me initially was the way they sell their own company…take a look at their web site; their marketing program is all “home-grown” and like nothing I have ever seen in the real estate industry….I wanted that level of salesmanship used to sell my house….and it worked flawlessly!

Lastly, Conner and Paris are real people….they have kids, they are a family and their core-values matched ours, which made doing business with them an awesome experience.

If this review sounds to good to be true, I had not met Conner until I walked into his office a few months ago….I am writing this review as a “thank you” to their whole team….I sincerely wish I could give he and his team 10-stars!!!”

Steve M. – First place on Yelp Filtered Reviews.

You may not have read about Yelp’s filtered results pages.  You may need to find out why you don’t see more local business reviews when looking up businesses in Santa Clarita Valley and beyond on Yelp.

There are some of the local Reviews that are hidden.  Yelp does not want those “first timers” reviewing business.  Yelp wants, “yelpers”. They want people that use their platform all of the time.

When a person, a client, enters yelp and writes a review, but has no other activity, that review is typically stricken from the public view.

By clicking on the link above, you will see what the differences are between the results that are shown and those that aren’t. Which in real terms are those that a Review Website want to show and not everything that can be shown 🙂 – Be safe…