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IMG_0509I take over 30 steps with each listing we procure.  It used to take me in excess of 24 hours to input a listing and to build it out.  Then a few hours a week to keep it fresh and to keep it on top of the search engines and the Real Estate for Sale Advertising Websites.  I know do it in about 1/2 of the time – because I an running 3 monitors with a quad video card in my office.

I care not if they are short sales, foreclosures or the “humans with equity” listings – all of these are advertised via our Specific Internet and Publication platforms so they get more exposure than any other listings that are on the market for sale.

That is why we consistently get multiple offers, above sales price, with fewer contingencies when our Sellers decide to Sell.

Above is one example of one or our Listing Book Advertising Modules this was a seven day presentation, I usually set these up on Wednesday and they run through the next Wednesday. 

Look at these NUMBERS!!!! 


Buyer Links Targeted Marketing Services
93,829 buyers were analyzed and the property was prominently displayed in the accounts of only
those buyers whose criteria matched your property.
Your property displayed the featured listing icon ( *) to help it stand out when displayed to buyers
and agents.
Your listing was promoted for 7 days. Based on its previous activity, we would expect 22 buyers
and 4 agents to view this property in Listing book.
During the promotion, your listing was viewed by 22 buyers and 7 agents. This was 1.12 times the
anticipated number of views.
The property was tagged by 1 agent, and 3 buyers made the property a favorite.

These are qualified and pre-approved buyers that are wanting looking at this home that fits their criteria, not browsing!!!

The reasons for the specific days of starting have to do with the upcoming weekend and Wednesday people are starting to think about viewing Real Estate if they are in the market.

This has worked consistently – in fact after this presentation, we had two offers written on this home located in Castaic CA.  One countered by the Sellers and accepted.

So, Proof is in the performance and we hope you will check out our Real Estate Related Services at RE/MAX of Valencia with The Paris911 Team.

We know how to get excited about the advertising we put into place and how to utilize resources that are not “normal venues”. 

The Path Less Taken equates to populating some of the most popular sites and giving your Asset or home you want to sell much more Google Juice!!!