I still manage to churn out the Real Estate Information.  In fact I even go back to make sure that my predictions about the Real Estate market in Santa Clarita and Elsewhere, that I spoke of, have come true.

Being good at the dissemination of information is great – but you also have to understand where the indicators and current market conditions are pointing the Real Estate Train.

I have heard it said a while ago – if you really want your “bus” to go somewhere – you first need to clear it out.  After you get everyone off of the bus, then you can get loaded onto it, your best and brightest people.

After they are on board, you can all them decide where to go… 

So with our business, we have done the same.  We had to clean house after I resigned from full time LAPD employment (after 17 years without a net I might add…).  There were things that I wanted to do with our RE/MAX Brand and our Paris911 Way.  So we got rid of some Vendors that were not, as cutting edge, as I expected to be allowed to continue working with our clients.

We also ridded ourselves of selfish people and those that were only interested in their own profit and gain.  After we got everyone out of the bus, it was time for us to seek out those that had our RE/MAX Branding and Paris911 Way as their work ethic and code.

Our team is wonderful today, and within Santa Clarita Real Estate and elsewhere in Southern California, we are really turning heads.  There are a lot of agents that have been in the real estate business in Santa Clarita for over 20 years.  We are currently running neck and neck with some of those established teams, (“as Paris and I say “give us 5 years”), with half of the time on the job and a bit younger to boot. (nice rub – sorry agents :-))

However, having said that, I also know that sometimes there is too much business for a certain number of team members, and that is when customer service starts to suffer.  So we Expand.  I constantly have my feelers out to find someone that will fit with our Real Estate Team with a minimum of adjustment.  I also make sure they have our play it forward aspects and No-Pressure Code.  If you fit this bill, like our newest Buyers Agent, let me know, we are looking the Truly Dedicated to the Craft of Real Estate:  (877)977–REMAX (877)977–7362…

I found one of the first few blog posts that I wrote on Active Rain, which is a Real Estate Network, it was about a gentleman I pulled over for speeding near Mulholland and Topanga Canyon, at the edge of the LAPD’s West Valley – today known as Topanga Division.

It brought back memories and I wanted to share once again.