Santa Clarita housing market updatesWith the latest recon for the Santa Clarita housing market, we see that prices are continuing their flattening pattern across the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Granada Hills, Northridge and Sylmar Condo and Townhome update

Santa Clarita Valley Condo and Townhome market reports

Granada Hills, Northridge and Sylmar SFR Update

Santa Clarita Valley Single Family Home Reports

Above are the reports for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and the other cities that we are very actively representing buyers and sellers of home within.

We have just completed some of our resource pages regarding prices within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

While there, you can track the historical values within the Santa Clarita Valley markets.

Today we did a write up regarding the Loan Modifications that took place five years ago. They are preparing an interest rate increase, or most of them are, I should say.

Are you going to be involved in having your interest rate increased? It’s going to depend on the way in which you negotiated your Loan Modification, whether you are going to have your interest rate increase at the five year point or not.

Further Information – Read our latest post regarding Loan Mods being our next distressed market

We gave an example on our Santa Clarita Realtor blog this AM concerning the ways in which the local housing prices have accelerated.