You probably already know this, when it comes to hiring a real estate agent, communication is something everyone wants.

real estate communication is key

According to real estate buyers, first time or not and real estate sellers, first time or not, it takes more than a set it and forget it system of property intel or search data.

It's takes more than the buyers agent sending real estate listings of the homes that come onto the market that fit their clients criteria.

The Real Estate client of today, the First time buyers, want to have the agent they select to represent them, to give more than a “robotic” response.

They want to know their agent is doing their job. Keeping their eyes peeled for the new real estate that will fit their clients housing needs.

If we are speaking of real estate sellers, the same holds true. The real estate sellers of the world don't want their agent to go dark, if their home is not selling. They want their agent to give them updates.

Some Realtor's say they will contact their clients when there is something to update them about. If they need to convey information or let them know some “necessary” intel, that is the time they will reach out, but at no other time. Some of my collegues also let me know they don't answer the phone, most times. They want their clients or the real estate interested to leave messages.

That is the “old way”. Today, the real estate client wants to hear from their realtor even if there is no information to be relayed. They want to hear that everything is going fine or not. They want their realtor to give them the news, not matter how bad or good.

Both Paris and I had a horrible real estate dealing before we entered the Real Estate representation business. Our agent went totally dark after he got paid. Today, I know why he did this. He did not want to have to explain why he knew certain things and failed to tell Paris and I, about the home we bought.

I mean, it's hard to face up to dealings when it involves a bad code of conduct in the real estate representation scenario.

However, it was fixed, but it was not without mine and Paris' fair share of pain.

Be safe everyone. Make sure you tell your realtor that you want to be kept in the loop. Let them know that, even if there is nothing that is in the “loop” to keep you updated about. It's appreciated by more buyers and sellers of real estate than most agents think.

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